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Institut Friedland in the press

E.g., 04/24/2019
1 Oct 2017
The uncertainties of the post Brexit financial services landscape

Institut Friedland published in July 2017 a study on European financial services after Brexit. La revue de la Société française des analystes financiers (SFAF) reproduces the second section of this three part study.

3 May 2017
Brexit: a glance at the future of Europe

Based on a Focus by Institut Friedland, this article discusses the consequences of Brexit on the European financial industry. Thierry Philipponnat, the institute's Director, explains how there will be  a redistribution in favour of other financial centres. The article also points out the impact on China.

5 Apr 2017
"Financing the European economy after Brexit - What financial services without London for the EU 27 countries"

Article by Thierry Philipponnat following his participation at the "Negotiating Brexit" conference organised in March 2017 by Oxford University. He questions the ability of the European economy to access the financial services it needs given that a large proportion of those services are acquired today from London-based firms.

11 Jul 2016
CCI Paris Ile-de-France : les huit de l'IF

Nomination des membres du Conseil d'orientation de l'Institut Friedland

29 Jun 2016
Value creation and global chains: new business models

Article of Corinne Vadcar, Senior Analyst, Institut Friedland