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“Action-oriented economic thinking”

This is the aim of Institut Friedland, an economic think tank created in June 2016 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Paris Ile-de-France.

The Institute's activities are based on the conviction that economic development is in the public interest and has a strong societal dimension.

Therefore, analytical rigour, unbiased in-depth analyses, a sense of public interest and international openness are key dimensions of the Institut Friedland’s approach.

In this context, it has set itself two main missions: to contribute to the public debate on the conditions required for business development, and to contribute through its work to corporate and to public decision-making on economic issues.

The Institute's activities are regularly enriched by collaborations with external international experts coming from different horizons, in particular from the academic and business worlds.

The publications of Institut Friedland are presented during special events - IF Sessions, IF Labs and IF Days – which bring together different stakeholders to debate with a view of stimulating their reflection.

The Institute's activities revolve around four research lines associated with economic development and corporate life:

-          Business environment,

-          Growth drivers,

-          Economic changes,

-          Management and governance,

Because the economy cannot be understood only national level, the Institute is committed to organising debates in other European capitals. Its works are available in French and English.


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